Our Vision

There are things that make us love and choose that is the passion, the motto of life, the goal for us to reach out in the future.

The love for design, the burning desire to build a fashion brand dedicated to brides to help women become the most beautiful and perfect version of themselves on the wedding day is the reason lemythe Bridal was established.

Our Approach

If you ask why fashion becomes a passion and something that Lemythe Bridal pursues, it is probably the magical transformation of each design.

Because fashion is not merely clothes, dresses, is an indispensable daily costume of each person, but fashion also shapes and make many styles in the world.

Having many difficulties from idea making, choosing fabrics, modeling, browsing samples to the production process but with all the love of the profession, love of fashion, Lemythe Bridal refused to salute fate but continues to smile forward step by step, slowly but very meticulously., a little long but very satisfied.

Our Process

Then each product handed over to our brides is the most perfect and unique outfits from shapes, fabrics, sewing techniques to accessories.
Hopefully, the products that Lemythe Bridal puts all our heart to make will be the companion chosen by the bride to affirm the difference and exude her charming and elegant beauty.

Let’s write a fashion story with us , make the most deposited story about design, and never stop being creative because each person is always the best!